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925 Sterling Silver surrounding a Green Onyx Connector with Sterling Silver Tassel measuring 2 1/2  inches long.  The Green Onyx Connector measures at 1/2 inch.


What is the power of green onyx?

Green Onyx is a deeply soothing stone that helps to comfort and heal the heart after any sort of loss. It is also known to help relieve worry, tension, stress, and fear. It's also helpful for mental support for decision making during difficult times.


Is green onyx good luck?

Green Onyx has the power to help you get rid of your worries. Its green color will make you feel strong and positive, and it will give you the mental support you need to make the best decisions when things get tough, so you can make the best decisions under pressure and stress.


925SS Green Onyx Connector with Silver Tassel Earrings

SKU: 2668
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